Bosch Siemens wash dryer displays error code E90

Error code E90 is an error in the circuit board control system. Due to a defect in circuit board, it does not pass the safety test and returns error code E-90

In your case, a new PCB would cost around € 160.
But don’t worry. I can repair PCB for you.

What should you do?

Double-check if the machine is realy out of order
Before you signup for repair, first double-check whether your machine realy has a defect. So no more lights or beeps when you switch the machine on – and check whether there is voltage on the outlet.

Signup for repair
If the machine still doesn’t work, then you can signup for repair.

Disassambly of the PCB

Removal of the PCB is fairly easy. You can loosen the top of the machine with 2 torx screws on the back of the machine. You will now see the circuit board, it is the circuit board at the back right. (0108)

Disconnect all plugs and snap the circuit board out of the holder.