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Heeft u een wasmachine of wasdroger storing? Doet de machine niets meer? Grote kans dat de printplaat kapot is. Maar geen nood! Wij repareren uw wasmachine/wasdroger printplaat binnen enkele dagen voor slechts € 59,-.
Wij repareren printplaten van onder meer AEG, Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool, Zanussi en Electrolux.
No-cure, no-pay en inclusief 12 maanden garantie!
AEG monteur
Zanussi witgoed
Bosch Siemens
Electrolux monteur
whirlpool/bauknecht wasautomaat of droger storing

We repair your PCB for € 59,00 only.
Including a 12 month warranty.

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De printplaatmonteur

As a mechanic, I regularly come across young machines that have problems with electronics. For example, the machine cannot be turned on, or it takes too long for the display to light up. Often, there is a defect in the printed circuit board (PCB).

Because the price of a new circuit board can go up to more than € 300 (excluding assembly), it is mostly not worthwhile to replace the PCB and a machine that is only a few years old ends up in a scrap yard. It is of course bizarre that a machine that could last many more years, is thrown away. I therefore figured out what the most common problems with PCB’s are. I can repair the PCB electronics for most known issues.

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Is the PCB of your washing machine or dryer out of order? Of course you can buy a new one, but why not have it repaired?
Many devices disappear on the scrap yard because the PCB is broken. In many cases, I can simply repair the PCB for you and save you high costs.

Is your dryer defect, or has your washing machine stopped working? Then sign up for repair!

What are the costs?

The costs for a PCB repair are € 59 (outside The Netherlands € 69) including VAT and the shipping costs for returning the PCB after repair. Payment can be done with iDeal, PayPall, credit card or BankContact.

If it appears that the PCB is unrepairable, you will receive a 100% refund. We offer a money-back guarantee and we have a No-Cure-No-Pay policy. If you want the defective PCB back after the repair attempt, only the research- and shipping costs of € 20 will be charged (the overpaid amount will be refunded).

What about warranty?

You get a standard 12 month warranty on the repair. If the PCB has the same problem recurring within the next year, it will be repaired free of charge or we refund the previous repair (after a new examination). If you wish, you can extend the warranty with an extra one year for 7,50 additional charge.

Do you have a question? Send us an email, call us at +31 6 456 72346 or press WhatsApp-Chat for direct contact.

How does it work?

Signup for repair

Controleer voordat u uw printplaat voor reparatie aanmeldt eerst of uw wasmachine of droger echt niets meer doet. Dus geen lampjes of piepjes meer – en controleer of er wel spanning op het stopcontact staat. Doet de machine echt niets meer, of krijgt u foutcode EH0 of E90? Meld deze dan aan voor reparatie.

Om een printplaat aan te melden drukt u op de knop nu aanmelden hieronder. Haal daarna de printplaat uit de machine en stuur deze naar mij op (zie ook instructies voor demontage). Na ontvangst van de printplaat en betaling wordt de printplaat hersteld en binnen één week aan u retour gestuurd. U kunt de printplaat daarna zelf weer monteren en de machine in gebruik nemen!

Before you signup for repair, please doublecheck whether your machine realy has a problem. Check for lights and beeps when you turn the machine on – and check if there is voltage on the outlet. Does the machine still not work? Then you can sign up for repair.

To signup, press the button signup now below. Then, dis-assemble the PCB (refer to Instructions for (dis)assembly) and send it to us. After receiving the PCB and your payment, the PCB will be repaired and returned to you within one week. You can then re-assemble the PCB yourself and start using your machine!

Step 1: signup for repair

Reparatie aanmelden
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Step 2: disassemble PCB + send

Demontage en verzending
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Step 3: repair + return

Reparatie en retour
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How to remove the PCB

instructions for (dis) assembly

Before you can send us the PCB, it must first be removed from your machine. In the videos below, I show you step-by-step how to easily disassemble the PCB from your machine. Even if you are not ‘handy’ with electronics, together we will succeed!

Are you unable to disassemble the PCB or you have a question? Then please contact me. Also refer to Known Problems for more information about specific malfunctions and instructions for (dis) assembly.

When you send the PCB, please pack it well and use a sturdy (robust) box. I will re-use this box for the return shipment. Please refer to PostNL Send package for more information about sending packages.

Money-back guarantee. If we can’t repair your PCB, you get a 100% refund!

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De printplaatmonteur

Do you have a question? Send us an email, call us at +31 6 456 72346 or press WhatsApp-Chat for direct contact.